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Barra control HQ

Barra control HQ
Barra de control HQ

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Modelo con estupenda relación calidad/precio, ideal para iniciarse en este deporte.
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Buggy racing redefined

The Peter Lynn Vapor

The Vapor is Peter Lynn s flagship high performance race kite and the latest addition to the Pro-Range of kites.
The Vapor has already proved itself to be a world class winning kite when John Jansen used his with devastating effect taking the Vapor to victory at the recent European championships in St Peter Ording (Germany).This alone would be something to shout about, but in fact the Vapor also helped five other pilots to attain positions in the top ten places cementing the Vapor as a true full-breed performer.

Nearly two years of development and testing have produced a kite which is not only one of the fastest kites on the planet but amazingly stable too. This balance is testament to the vision and dedication to Excellence with no compromise shown by the design team and riders encompassing the ethos of the Peter Lynn Pro-Range of kites.

A combination of the finest materials available matched with the application of cutting edge design, the most stringent quality control and production techniques place the Vapor at the top of race kite technology.

Unlike many race kites the Vapor s handling characteristics mean that it is not just restricted to the most expert of pilots. In fact most intermediate pilots would be surprised how well behaved this kite is and would benefit greatly and experience the improvement and enhancement of their own performance. Make no mistake though, this is a fast powerful kite chosen by some of the top pilots in the world and thus deserves some healthy respect.

Be it in a full blown race buggy or on ski s or landboard you can be sure that the Vapor has the power to put you in front..!


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